As we advance to ‘modern’ times, we become more and more attached to technology.  This technology could be smart phones, electronic toys, computers or even social networking sites.  At the same time, all this technology makes us being more and more connected to each other.  Being this the case, how come people seem to be more and more away from each other.

Universities are trying to create spaces in ‘Second Life’ when they are failing to maintain the numbers in the ‘real life’.  Family members talk through Skype while multitasking making this conversation less important to the other activities taking place at the same moment.

We are living in revolutionary times in which robotic ‘entities’ have been part of our lives.  I belong to a generation in which I grew up with ‘robot’ companions.  These robots were perhaps not very ‘clever’ or ‘intelligent’ as they seem to be now but they were still there playing with us since we were kids.


Now, the new Artificial Intelligence (AI) is presented today with smarter and a more ‘live’ robots.  These robots start to raise social and ethical issues.  Can you love a robot? Can a robot love you? Would you rather be loved by a robot rather than being dumped by a very nasty partner?

All this thoughts will be covered on these series as a part of a series of chapters, all the way from the 2XL and the Tamagotchi, all the way to the modern robotic human companions.


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