Chapter 4 – Enchantment

There is a very funny subtile that says “Don’t we have people for these jobs?

The already accepted machines for our everyday life allows these robots to start replacing us in several situations.  There are cases in which the AIBO is taken into elderly homes in order to provide ‘company’ or entertainment to people.  The same way that kids provided care for the Furby, now these new ‘Furbys’ will start taking care of us.  There are several cases of elder people left alone, I believe an AIBO or an AI machine can be capable of providing this caring feeling.
If you or somebody you know has allergies to fur, perhaps getting a cat or a dog won’t be a very good option.  In this case the AIBO becomes a good option.

As presented on the previous posts, we are always going to compare the machines to the ‘real thing’.

Some experiments presented that some kids would rather be with a robot than with a real babysitter.  Some babysitter will neglect the job and go to their friend’s house. Some other ones will not be able to come up with good cooking ideas for dinner time. Some other ones don’t even know how to play.  A robot that can be able to provide all this can be able to be more reliable than the ‘real thing’.  That is why some kids would actually prefer the companionship of a robot.

Staying in the enchanting subject and the comparison between the real and the artificial, lets see something like Hatsune Miku.  A Vocaloid based singer that performs as a hologram with a computer based voice and the fans love it.  The songs are written by real musicians and performed by real musicians, it just happens that the singer is a holographic robot.  Some people will argue that the real thing is better, but when we compare it to the real thing in which voices have been autotuned or have been completely modified by computers and don’t sound anything like the track when you see them live; what is better.  Or in this case is the ‘artificial’ better? Or how many un talented singers and band we will encounter?  Just because they are ‘alive’ does it make them better?

I will leave you with two videos:

  • Hatsune Miku live in Tokio
  • The worst live event ever!

I would actually stick with the ‘artificial’ one.


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