TUI and constructivist museums.

The aim of this project is to explore through tangible user interfaces (TUI) the generation of knowledge of a constructivist museum.

TUIs differ from graphical user interfaces (GUI) in the sense that they utilise physical objects to retrieve information or to interact with the application. This may be one of the key objects since in museums we work with objects. It is the object that generates knowledge in a museum space. Nevertheless, it is important to also understand that since many museums are now generating an online presence, how are they going to be able to transfer knowledge and the museum experience through the Web. Many researchers argue that the way designed experience of museums through the Web is no more than a replica of the already printed material originally hosted on site. TUIs can utilise their physical characteristics to enhance the engagement and learning process of their users. Museums should be able to benefit from this too.

When using TUIs we should refer to prior knowledge or real world experience. This way, I believe it will make easier to the user/learner self learn the possibilities of the interface. A good way to present this is with the series of games from Lego for Wii. Titles like Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and so on, utilise scenes from the original movies and translates them into the gameplay.

Lego POC Vs. Movie POC

If the player has seen the movie, the cognitive process of defining a game strategy will be more natural. Relating to prior knowledge can accelerate our analytical thinking process. I will argue that when museum learning interfaces it would be beneficial to relate it to prior visit to the museum. If the application is not used as a post-museum visit it will be of big impact how are objects will be relating to prior experiences from the users.



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