Research Concept

Research Concept

mind map
Research Concept

1.     Access to collections

It is necessary to understand how collections are managed and their origin. Museums in this case have also adapted to the  (a) history of collections where different interests have been played. For this we need to understand how (b) sites and collections need to be translated into the physical space, making sure we identify its (c)access and requirements.

2.     Interpretation of objects

The (a)  Curatorial process will define the requirement of learning tools required to present the object and information. These object contain information that enables (b)  Cultural identity to enhance its value and expand the (c) Cultural life of an object

3.     Learning

Through (a) Constructivism perspective learning, a (b)  Constructivist museum can be created where exploration and experimentation can generate knowledge. Expanding this to a (c)  Learning society, several theories can be applied and expanded by sharing them to wider groups.

                                              i. Power of society

                                             ii. Network effect

                                           iii. Digital Exclusion

4.     Post-Web interpretation object interpretation

The use of the Web to distribute information can contribute to sharing information through the (a) use of TUIs where (b) knowledge generation can take place. All this focused on (c) object oriented learning, where the learner engages the Web information through a physical object.


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