More concepts…

The God Collector

Every culture has labeled many natural forces as a divine character. Through time and space, these patterns repeat. It is through the visual representation that these beliefs differ from each other.

This activity will help the user first of all to understand that different cultures had different hegemonic values and had different relations with the population. The visual attributes can be highlighted to focus on its meaning, for example the ‘glasses’ of Tlaloc (Mesoamerica) or the ‘green skin’ of Asar (Egypt). By allowing the child to experiment building and creating gods, he or she can start to familiarise with them.


The God Builder (TUI)

This activity can start with a map where the user is provided with tokens that represent the different elements or idea to represent. Those tokens can be placed on a map where the location can be detected. By now linking representation and location, the ‘God’ from that specific culture will be presented as a PaperCraft toy that the user can build and start collecting. The collection arrangement can be assigned according to the user’s preferences.




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