From Emotion to Technology

From Emotion to Technology and Vice Versa

Engaging with museum content nowadays usually involves some sort of technological process. This does not mean that all exhibits must contain this technological element. When visiting the museum, there are six categories of experiences that happen when visiting a museum¹:

  • Entertainment
  • Sociability
  • Learning
  • Aesthetic
  • Commemorative
  • Joy

Through my research, I am in the process of finding how the Web is capable of providing such experiences. The online museum should be able to provide the same or better experience as a traditional museum. The Web as a Social Machine can provide the tools for promoting and developing content for the Cultural Heritage sector. I will argue that areas such as Human Computer Interaction within Computer Science, are at the vanguard of technological innovation and it is until the developer community is contacted or until they develop for museum content that such technology is implemented. Many of these technologies are now being developed with different Open Source or Creative Commons licenses that many museum curators and managers can implement to promote their collections.

As an initial stage I started co-relating the experiences with the technologies I believe can enhance such emotions/experiences. This table of course will evolve through time and with the technologies available. I believe this is a good start to define the different technologies already implemented by museums and developers.


1. Kotler, N. and P. Kotler (2001). Estrategia y Marketing de Museos. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass Inc.


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