9 – March – Dropped AS3. Hello .JS-TUIO

I started exploring more with the libraries to work with TUIO and even though I felt more comfortable working with AS3 (ActionScript), I found out that eventually I was going to find myself isolated from Web technologies. Even though Flash (AS3) is still way more powerful than any technology to visualise and develop interactivity on the Web, when it comes to future Web technology, the communities that support it will eventually die. On the other hand, working with technologies such as JavaScript (JS) which is well received among Web communities, presents a more sustainable panorama.

I had a very long discussion with my friend Paul Booth who works with data visualisation on the Web, primarily with JS and we came to the conclusion that perhaps working with JS might show a more clear panorama especially when working with RDF and Json documents.

For this reason I decided to drop AS3 and start working with JS for the tangible interface. I managed to connect TUIO through JS and present it through a web browser.


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