June 17 – Visualising // Managing Results

Visualising and Dealing with the Results.

It has been about three weeks since my last post. This is because I have been focusing more on specialising in using JavaScript and more specifically JQuery. JQuery has the potential of making it easier to exploit JavaScript on Web content.

Updates on the Interface

Displaying Results

When users make queries, they will be retrieving vast sets of information. This will prove to be a complex task. For this reason, I need to find a way on how they can be able to sort such content. One of the ways that I have envisioned is by providing an area where results can be sorted and then manipulated by assigning them to a fiducial item. Users should be able to offload that information thus simplifying the process.


The drop box will serve the function of holding the result that the user wants to select. When he or she puts it back into the original results panel, the item will be highlighted in a different colour, otherwise the user can clear the result and remove the item from the interface. By highlighting the returned item, users can be able to identify the ones that they found particularly relevant.


The returned element has a heart icon that shows that the element was kept from the drop box. The box on the other hand just contains a lightbulb showing that it is highlighted. Moreover, I have also added clear buttons so users can be able to remove unselected elements from the specific panel.

I should be able to create a fiducial  with a screen, or perhaps a frame where the visual can be contained. When the user drags the frame, the drop box moves along with it. The physical object should allow users to literally grasp specific datasets so they can be compared or used for further queries.

dropUIfidJQuery and JQuery UI

There is a huge potential that JQuery has to offer to these type of interfaces. The challenge will be on transforming common graphic user interface tools into the physical tools. My previous post indicates some of the many possibilities of making the queries and navigating once the result has been made. This drop box should be able to help the querying process along with the data navigation.

Here is a video of the table top system still using TUIO as the interactivity connection.


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