Suggested Method for Testing

Suggested Method

This is the comparative analysis method for the three TUIs for the ‘God Collector’.

The experiment involves three interfaces where the children can be able to explore the different gods from different cultures. This study focuses on the children’s engagement and retention with the information. By exploring different TUI methods, the children will be able to provide different reactions with the information linking provided. The three interfaces [1] Dice, [2] Token and [3] Disk will allow to produce different cognitive processes from the users. Not only the cognitive and HCI analysis will be relevant but also the post-interactive process. A secondary group may be created to study their relation with the printed characters.

Proposed method

Proposed activity questions:

As part of the study, it is necessary to evidence not only the interaction but how does that process takes place. The children need to create a visual relation to what the tool or icons aim to represent and how do they relate to other sets of information. These are the proposed areas to identify:

  • Iconographic understanding of the main elements (cultures and elements)
  • Ease of tool use
  • Capacity to relate culture and geography (country)
  • Retention of information
    • Comparison of cultures