God Collector – Dice Version (Test 1)

God Collector – Dice Version

This video presents the first test of the God Collector interface. There are two cubes: one representing a specific culture meanwhile the other represents a belief or an element.

By combining both cubes, the interface reacts and presents the location of the culture and the iconic representation of that specific God.


05 – Dtouch and Flash // Character with specific response.

After experimenting with the markers on planes, I wanted to test it on the actual character intended to use on the interface. When the background is not very clean, it becomes very problematic for DTouch to detect the object. The same happens to the shadows on the object.
On the other hand, it is a good way to distribute tools through the interface: by assigning them to the attributes of the character.

02 – DTouch and Flash loading RSS feeds

RSS Feeds navigator with DTouch


This experiment I used the markers to load a new story on the RSS feeder. This may prove helpful when loading text or information from websites that are required to be displayed in the interface.

Loading images from external websites should be much easier, since it only requires a direct URL, meanwhile an RSS has different levels (parents/childs) to explore in the XML structure.

01 – D-Touch and Flash

Exploring DTouch and Flash.


I have managed to get my markers to connect they way I wanted and in the order I wanted with the Dtouch Server. Once plugged into Flash, I activated the position of the instance depending on the marker ID that was visible.  This made me think about using the markers like ranking or hierarchic values.

The next steps will be to experiment with ‘hit’ areas and loading objects onto ‘containers’.